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Brock Media has been active in Colorado and regional publishing since l978. More than 20 specific magazines titles have been produced during this time. These include membership directories for The Boulder Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry, the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, and Always Buy Colorado.

Brock Media has also produced a variety of specialty publications including South Metro Denver Business Magazine (seven years), the Colorado Collection Catalog (two years), Kinetics Festival Program (nine years), Esprit Entrepreneur Magazine (nine years), the Paramount Theater Program (four years), the Chautauqua Summer Festival Program (nine years), and miscellaneous other publishing projects such as maps, brochures and inserts.

Current Publications

Current publications owned by Brock Publishing include Boulder Magazine, Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine and Aurora Guide. Current projects that we produce on a contract basis include season programs for the Central City Opera (since l996), Colorado Shakespeare Festival (since l995), Colorado Music Festival (since l995), and advertising sales for the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory (since l985).

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